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David Beeler

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A Quick Blurb About David


David was born & raised in Texas, classically trained in London at The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama.  After his training, he worked in the UK for a decade before moving to LA.  British highlights include being directed by Dame Judi Dench, playing Hamlet at Kennilworth Castle, and touring the UK in shows ranging from Shakespeare to #1 tours.  Part British, David can “flip” between being American & British.  A former member of the sketch troupe, Lester McFwap, and the comedy duo Dave & Tom, David is equally at home with comedy or drama — sometimes both.




David is great all around.  What he always brings to the role is a sense of understated comedy founded in reality.
A great find.

- Ross Lacy, Ross Lacy Casting -


David took Sam Christensen’s "Image Essence Workshop" where actors discover their “essences,” or “archetypes,” those qualities that people “get" about them. These are storytelling archetypes or essences of David – i.e. how he slots into storytelling.


Other related adjectives: charming, romantic, smart, rakish, debonair and “old world charm.”
When David was a little boy and he would go with his mother to the department store, David would hang out by the front door and open it for all the ladies entering in the department store.


Other related adjectives: idiosyncratic, unconventional, kooky, off-kilter.
David’s quirkiness can range from offbeat to goofy.  In his sketch troupe, his “Indian name” was Furniture-Is-Not-His-Friend, due a clumsiness born out of being like an absent-minded professor (making him a natural at physical humor).

Seething at Center

Other related adjectives: tumultuous, enforced calm, still waters running deep.
Because David is so laid-back, most people are surprised to find out, as a child, he had a voracious temper. There is a volcano-like quality of things churning underneath, while the surface seems calm.

By Design

Other related adjectives: imaginative, original, questing.
There two aspects to this for David: one is being creative; the other is things being “ designed” — thought about a great deal before being implemented.   In the realm of creativity, David is a sort of Renaissance man: a professional photographer, he’s won awards and commissions for his writing, builds furniture, enjoys design, science, and all things creative.


Other related adjectives: exuberant, cheeky, up-to-something.
Aside from being a big kid, David has a radiant, playful energy that he brings to both creating and to his interactions with people. It’s hard to miss that he loves life.


Other related adjectives: bright, delighted, affirming.
The head of the acting program at Central, George Hall, said that David was “Indefatigable.” David has a radiant positivity, love of life, and desire to connect with people that shines through and makes him engaging.


Other related adjectives: persistent, resolute, determined.

When David was growing up in Texas, playing football against kids twice his size, the thing his coach always commented on was how tenacious David was, “Like a dog on a bone — once he bit down he wouldn’t let up.”

In the clips below, you can sort by these essences as well as by “comedic” & “dramatic.”


You can sort by comedic, dramatic or by the "essences" below.


I am fortunate to work with really lovely and professional agents. Please give them a call.

David Beeler is an amazing talent. He interpreted direction effortlessly as well as added nuances to the lead character that enhanced the film tenfold. I’d jump at the chance to work with him again.

- Steven Pierre Gordon, Director -


David Beeler LMT Resume 2015



  • David Beeler

    as Lew MacDonald

    In upcoming feature, Trouble Is My Business. Note: the background photo of the bio is the same shot

    • BIO


      Born and raised in Kerrville Texas, David went to school in London and trained at The Central School of Speech & Drama while Laurence Olivier was the President of the school. David funded his training by writing and producing plays in Texas and learned almost as much paying for school as he did at school.


      David worked in the UK for 10 years and highlights include: playing Hamlet in London and at Kennilworth Castle, Norman Petty in Buddy, Young Elvis, Puck, Edmund, and being directed in “The Scottish Play” by Dame Judi Dench.


      Booth, a one man show written and performed by David, won a Fringe 1st at the Edinburgh Festival, as did an ensemble piece about John Wilkes Booth entitled Our Brutus which was also nominated for The Independent Theatre Award which transferred into London and led to a writing commission from a West End producer for David.


      In LA, stagework for David has included Beyond the Fringe (LA Weekly Comedy Pick of The Week), as well as The Real Inspector Hound as Birdboot, Good Evening, Owl Stretching Time, the world premier of unseen Monty Python sketches. Live full length stage shows written and performed with Tom Konkle include Good Night: A Sketchy Tribute to Dudley Moore & Peter Cook, Double Act and Dave & Tom: A Tribute to Dave & Tom.

      David was honored that Booth was also the maiden fundraising show in the “Save the Playhouse” campaign (LA Weekly Performance Pick of the Week).


      David played Lew MacDonald, an unscrupulous detective in the noir thriller, Trouble Is My Business, which he also helped produce.  He played a quirky lawyer with a secret life on Franklin & Bash, Mr. Smith in the horror film, Jack the Reaper (winner Best Independent Horror Film, Cannes), and  a priest 20,000 years in the future in the sic-fi film, Hyperion.   He was in the TV film, Red Skies as a gun toting kidnapper and is in the feature film LA Twister (winner Best Ensemble, The Monte Carlo Film Festival).


      David was a member of the sketch troupe, Lester McFwap, with numerous live performances in LA and across the country. The McFwap members also produced the eponymous, TV pilot, McFwap!


      David worked with comedy writing/performing/producing partner, Tom Konkle, for over a decade and they built a very large foot print in new media.  Dave and Tom also produced the feature length comedy, The Archaeology of Comedy for Comedy Express, a subsidiary of National Lampoon.  David stars as Brian Forbes in Invention with Brian Forbes. (Selection ITV Fest), and co-wrote and produced with Tom the 3D Film Festival Award Winning, Safety Geeks: 3D in which he played the suave, yet totally inept, Reginald Syngen-Smythe.


      He has appeared in over 75 national commercials, several of which aired in various SuperBowls.


      David is also a professional photographer (


      He and his wife, Marieke, are busy with their latest and most significant productions, their two sons, Chayim (“Kai”) and Ryder.


      David’s IMDB