Malta Reciprocal Health Agreement

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The S1 form allows British nationals to access public health care on the same basis as a Maltese citizen. You are entitled to an S1 if you receive a UK state pension or certain other benefits. Learn more about the S1. The Maltese health system is strongly inspired by that of the United Kingdom, except that it seems a little more continental than the British system. Not all UK benefits that can be used abroad allow you to benefit from UK-funded health care. Learn more about using benefits when you move abroad or if you go to Jobcenter Plus to claim a benefit. The bilateral mutual health agreement between the UK and Malta allows Maltese and British citizens to benefit free of charge from the other country`s health services if they can prove that they are normal residents. The aim of this scheme is to facilitate access to national public health services for those who would not otherwise be entitled. Many private health professionals are also employed in the public health sector. If you are temporarily travelling to Malta, you should apply for a European Health Insurance Card (CEVK) in your home country before coming to Malta. The CEVK was designed to give you access to free public health services on the same basis as Maltese residents. You can only use CEVK for medical needs that occur during your stay in Malta. The CEVC is only designed for temporary travel and the EU strongly recommends private health insurance in addition to an AEC.

If you are not exempt from payment of dues and do not have an S1 form, you can apply for a Maltese RHA card. This entitles you to free public health care in Malta. They are not covered for everything you would get if you paid social security contributions. Currently, British nationals can access the Maltese health system free of charge for one of these types: HMRC has a hotline for national insurance claims for non-British nationals. You can answer questions about the status of a seconded worker and explain what documents you need to receive health care during publication.

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