Scheduling Agreement In Sap Apo

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R/3 and APO extensions are available for transferring delivery plan positions (both input and output processing). 6) If your setting is a periodic transmission, run /sapapo/c5 t-code to send the settings for changing the delivery plans, and then save APO. My question is this: we have a report – Create unlock (transaction – /SAPAPO/PWBSCH1) on the release plan, so I think we need to use the above transaction for the delivery plan. – Does scheduling row release in APO work differently than the command? I did the test with purchase req and it was immediately transferred to ECC. How are layout lines released from APO to ECC? This is not the standard “Pulbication of the result of the planning” 5) Check if the integration model is active for the delivery plan (with the code t CFM5 in R/3) But if I check ECC, I do not see any schedule lines in agreement. I have taken care of the output profile and seems to be properly maintained. 2) Check if any inconsistency while running the CCR report It seems to work, as I CAN SEE IDOC, but it failed in the status. . Considering that integration models are well defined and active. Planning process – Classifications and transaction – /SAPAPO/PWBSCH1, made available. 4) Check if there is a system crisis and try to take corrective action. .

Let me know if I`m missing any steps or configurations that I may have missed. . You already have an active moderator notification for this content. Please check if you have assigned sharing profiles, if so, check if a profile is maintained to stop the SA version…

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