Travel Franchise Agreement In India

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(3) Notwithstanding the expiration or termination of this Agreement for any reason, all agreements and understandings that are to be performed and/or complied with by the Franchisee and/or Guarantor under this Agreement or that, by their nature, survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement, survive such agreement or termination. Type of ownership necessary for this franchise Commercial property Learn more about The franchisee immediately pays Frenchiser the amount of retainer and professional fees that the customer paid to the franchisee for the maintenance of Frenchiser. In consideration of the current right and privileges granted to the franchisee under this agreement, the Frenchiser pays the franchisee 15% of the total fees paid by the customer during the entire term of this agreement. This payment is made monthly. However, it is mandatory for the franchisee to send us the necessary documents at the same time as the visa application in order to submit the case to the High Commission within 60 days of signing the contract Privileged location of the franchised point of sale Unit Upmarket (1) Before the opening of the franchised activity, the franchisor makes the franchisee available to itself and other key agents designated by the franchisee. training of a duration and place as long as the Frenchisers deem necessary and cover all phases of the Frenchiser system. The franchisee is responsible for all travel and living expenses as well as all salaries to be paid to apprentices, and Frenchiser is not payable for services provided by Frenchiser during this training in a FRENCHISER subsidiary. The franchisee is also responsible for the cost of the training manual for all trainees. Frenchiser also undertakes to make available to a person experienced in the Frenchiser system to assist the franchisee on the premises for the period preceding or following the opening, as deemed appropriate at its discretion by the Frenchiser. Additional start-up or retraining assistance may be provided by the Frenchis at their discretion and at a price to the franchisee based on the current daily fee at that time for the Frenchiser staff providing such assistance, plus other reasonable costs, including all travel expenses, meals and accommodation…

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