Ymca Victoria Enterprise Agreement

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(6) The Victorian Common Rule Award 2005 for clerical and administrative staff does not apply in any way to employers who are interviewed by them with another award from the Commission in respect of the employment of workers covered by this award.7. This declaration does not apply to a person with a disability who is entitled to a disability pension and who is employed by an employment assistance service who requires assistance under the Disability Services Act 1986 (Cth). [See note 1 below.] 8. An employer who contributes to a pension fund that complies within the meaning of the Pension Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth) on behalf of an employee covered by this declaration before the effective date of this declaration is exempt from any provision of the premium that determines the fund(s) into which the pension contributions are to be paid. [See note 2 below.] 9. Nothing in this Statement shall diminish or affect in any way the acquired rights to any form of leave, including sick leave, annual leave, long periods of service or parental leave, to which employees or any of them are entitled by deferral or otherwise before the commencement of clause 11 below.11. This declaration is an arbitral award of the Commission, enters into force on 1 January 2005 and remains in force for a period of 3 months and thereof in accordance with the law. [See note 3 below.] Note 11. Disability pension means the Commonwealth Income Security Pension Scheme for persons with disabilities under the Social Security Act 1991 (Cth), as amended from time to time, or for any successor to that scheme.2. The intention of this provision is limited to preventing the price of sheltered workshops (i.e. .B.

assisted employment services) – this does not preclude the allowance from applying to disabled workers in open employment.3. Leave is reserved for each party to re-examine this issue in the light of possible developments in the national process, which is currently examining issues relating to industrial relations for sheltered workshops. This national process includes the National Disability Industry Advisory Council and all related applications for premium coverage for sheltered workshops. Note no. 21. . .

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